Health Oversight Activities - We may disclose health information to a health oversight agency for activities authorized by law. These oversight activities include audits, investigations, inspections and licensure. These activities are necessary for the government to monitor the healthcare system, government programs and compliance with civil rights laws.

Lawsuits and Disputes - If you are involved in a lawsuit or a dispute, we may disclose health information about you in response to a court or administrative order. We may disclose health information about you in response to a subpoena, discovery request or other lawful process by someone else involved in the dispute.

Law Enforcement - We may disclose health information if asked to do so by law enforcement officials for the following reasons:

  • In response to a court order, subpoena, warrant, summons or similar process.
  • To identify or locate a suspect, fugitive, material witness or missing person.
  • About the victim of a crime if, under certain circumstances, we are unable to obtain the person's agreement.
  • About a death we believe may be the result of a criminal conduct.
  • About criminal conduct at our facility.
  • In emergency circumstances to report a crime, the location of the crime or victims, or the identity, description or location of the person who committed the crime.

Coroners, Medical Examiners and Funeral Home Directors - We may disclose health information to a coroner or medical examiner. This may be necessary to identify a deceased person or determine the cause of death of a person. We may also release health information about patients at our facility to funeral home directors as necessary to carry out their duties.

National Security and Intelligence Activities - We may disclose health information about you to authorized federal officials for intelligence, counterintelligence and other national security activities authorized by law.

Inmates - If you are an inmate of a correctional institution or under custody of a law enforcement official, we may disclose health information about you to the correctional institution or the law enforcement official. This is necessary for the correctional institution to provide you with healthcare, to protect your health and safety and the health and safety of others, or for the safety and security of the correctional institution.

Legal Requirements - We will disclose health information about you without your permission when required to do so by federal, state or local law.

With your Specific Written "Authorization"
Other uses and disclosures of health information not covered by this Notice or the laws that apply to us will be made only with your written permission (called "authorization"). If you authorize us to use or disclose health information about you, you may revoke that authorization in writing at any time. If you revoke your authorization, we will no longer use or disclose health information about you for the reasons covered by your written authorization. You understand that we are unable to take back any disclosures we have already made with your permission, and that we are required to retain our records of the care that we provided to you.

Your Health Information Rights
Although your health record is the physical property of Neuro Network Partners, LLP entity that created it, the information belongs to you. You have certain rights with respect to your information as described below. If you wish to exercise your rights, you may complete preprinted forms at our location or you may write directly to:

Neuro Network Partners, LLP
Attention: Privacy Officer
3200 S.W. 60th Court, Suite #302
Miami, Florida 33155
(305) 662-8330

Right to request a restriction on certain uses and disclosures of your information. You have the right to request a restriction or limitation on the medical information we use and/or disclose about you for treatment, payment or healthcare operations. You have the right to request that we limit the information we disclose about you to someone who is involved in your care or the payment for your care. For example, you could ask that we not use or disclose information regarding a particular treatment that you received. We are not required to agree to your request. If we do agree, the agreement must be in writing and signed by you and us.

Right to request confidential communications. You have the right to request that we communicate with you about medical matters in a certain manner or at a certain location. For example, you may request that we limit our communications with you to contact at work or at home. Your request must be in writing, as described above, and must specify the manner in which or the location at which you wish to be contacted. All reasonable requests will be accommodated.

Right to inspect and/or request a copy of your health record. You have the right to inspect and/or receive copy any medical information maintained about you that may be used to make decisions about your care. Typically, this will include your medical and billing records but does not include psychotherapy notes. In order to inspect and/or receive a copy of your medical information, you must submit your request, in writing to Privacy Office at the address provided above. We may charge a reasonable fee for this service based on our cost of complying.

In very limited circumstances, we may deny your request to inspect and/or receive a copy of your information. However, if your request is denied, in some cases you may request that the denial be reviewed. Such reviews are performed by an independent licensed healthcare professional chosen by the Privacy Officer. We will comply with the outcome of the review.

Right to request an amendment to your health record. If you believe the information we maintain about you is incorrect or incomplete, you may request that we amend the information. In order to request an amendment, you must submit a written request, as described above, indicating the specific information you wish to be amended and providing the reason supporting the request. Failure to put your request in writing or provide supporting reasoning is likely to result in a denial of your request.

We may also deny your request if you ask us to amend information that:

  • Is accurate and complete.
  • Is not part of the information which you would be permitted to inspect or receive a copy.
  • Is not part of the medical information maintained by Neuro Network Partners, LLP.
  • Was not created by us, unless the individual or organization that created the information is no longer available to make the amendment.

Right to obtain an accounting of disclosures of your health information. You have the right to request an accounting of disclosures, which is a list of certain disclosures of your medical information made by Neuro Network Partners, LLP other than disclosures allowed or required by law or authorized by you. The request for this accounting must be submitted in writing as described above. Your request must include the time period for which you are requesting an accounting, which may not exceed six years and not include dates prior to April 14, 2003. Fees may be imposed as allowed by law.

We will post a copy of the current Notice in our facilities, and it will also be posted on our web site A copy of the current Notice in effect will be available at the registration area of each facility.

Complaints or Concerns
You may contact the Privacy Officer if you have a question about this privacy Notice or about your privacy rights. You should also contact the Privacy Officer if you have a complaint or concern that your rights have been violated.

You may make also write to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.